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Veronica and Dr Nigel

Novara in a nutshell

Earth’s climate is changing, and so must we. The Novara One Planet Project supports at-risk coastal communities to become climate safe. We do this through community-based research, education and adaptation planning that helps communities secure funding, take action, and tell their stories through art, film and social and new media.

Our main platform is the sailing vessel Novara. Aboard Novara, we will be sailing to some of the world’s most remote coastlines to document the state of climate-compounded coastal hazard risk.

What do we mean by climate safe? Communities are climate-safe when they:

      • Work together to reduce risk in the face of climate change
      • Understand the risks they face
      • Agree on risk reduction and adaptation actions given future uncertainty and change
      • Implement community agreements and navigate change whilst staying safe
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No Time to Waste

The boat

Novara is unlike anything you have sailed before. She is a specialised high-latitude expedition yacht custom built to be independent for several months at a time. She is safe, comfortable and is a go-anywhere vessel perfect for adventure.

Novara: the boat
Novara's team

Our team

After 30 years working in leadership coaching as well as climate policy and finance, Veronica and Nigel bought the ice-breaker Novara, and plan to use her to support coastal communities become climate safe.

Our team includes some amazing people, including adventure sailors, marine biologists, climate change researchers, artists and youth.

Feast your eyes

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